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Your Feet - Why they hurt...

And how you can help them...

Tired, Sore, Swollen Feet, Legs and Aching Back

Man evolved on soft, grassy plains, soft forest floors and sandy beaches. In today's modern paved civilisation, we stand and walk on unnatural, hard surface 98% of the time. The shock of these hard surfaces saps our energy, destroys our joints, causes blood and fluids to pool in our legs resulting in tired, sore, swollen feet. TULI'S Shock Absorbers for the Feet - have been medically and technologically designed to interrupt the shockwaves and help massage the fluids back to the heart. TULI'S act as an incredibly effective shock absorber next to your feet, significantly decreasing the devastating shock waves transmitted through your heel, foot, knee, hip and back with each step you take. TULI'S help preserve the joints and reduces that tired, worn-out feeling at the end of the day.

Children's Feet

Proper care of children's feet begins at birth. Many conditions which can cause disabling foot problems in later life can be diagnosed and often corrected by mechanical and/or surgical means.

Ingrown Toenails

Toenails that grow improperly into the flesh can become infected and cause pain. The most common cause of this condition is a tendency of the nail to curve down into the soft sides of the nail grooves. Short shoes also can contribute to this problem. To prevent this problem, use a good clipper and cut the toenail straight across the front, leaving the corners free of the flesh. Chronic infected and painful toenails can usually be corrected permanently and safely by a foot care specialist.

Callouses on the bottom of the foot and plantar warts

Painful callouses are usually caused by irritation to the skin by an underlying bony prominence, usually on a metatarsal bone. The bony prominence presses the skin against the shoe, thus causing irritation. Because of this irritation, nature produces protective, heavy callous tissue which in time becomes painful and many times is often compressed to a hard centre. The home care for this condition is soft padding around the painful callous, or TULI'S full length TULIGEL Personal Fatigue Mats, Energy Tracks or RoadRunners. Ladies who wear low or high heel dress shoes are particularly prone to painful suffering in the ball of the foot because of the total body weight transfer to the forefoot. A special pad, the TULIGEL Metatarsal Cushion has been specifically designed for the dress shoe wearer. If this condition becomes painfully chronic, an examination and mechanical or possible surgical correction of the deformity should be undertaken by a physician who specialises in foot care.

Plantar Warts differ from callouses in that they are caused by a virus. The virus invades the skin, usually through a cut or break in the skin, causing a non-cancerous growth to form. These wart lesions are prone to spread on the feet and even the hands of the individual. Some physicians consider them contagious. Home care is usually ineffective, but a foot specialist can eliminate this problem.

Corns and Hammer Toes

Painful corns and hammer toes have probably caused more foot pain and misery than any other single foot problem. The cause is usually a deformed toe, a contracted tendon, or an enlarged spur or bony process on the bone of the toe. Because we wear shoes, a crooked, deformed, or enlarged joint will rub against the person's shoe causing the skin to be irritated between the bony enlargement and the shoe. This chronic irritation causes nature to build up hard callous formation which is commonly referred to as a corn. Soft padding materials and loose fitting shoes are immediate relief for this problem. However, chronic cases may require corrective toe surgery.

Bunion Joints

A bunion joint is described as the displacement of a toe towards another toe leaving a bump on the inside or outside of the metatarsal joint of the foot. Shoe pressure usually irritates this condition causing a painful inflammation. After a displacement starts, it is very difficult to stop further displacement of the toe. A bunion usually disrupts the normal mechanics of the foot causing other deformities. It is best to consult a foot care specialist immediately when recognising the early stages of bunion deformity.

Heel Pains

Pain beneath the heel bone is usually caused by injury, spur formation, nerve tumours, bursitis, gout, arthritis, diabetes, or strain to the long ligament under the foot. These conditions can be relieved in many cases by physical therapy, medication, or one of the following TULI'S products: TULI'S Heel Cups, TULIS'S Cheetahs, TULI'S RoadRunners, TULI'S Energy Tracks, TULIGEL Personal Fatigue Mats or TULI'S Heel Fatigue Mats. If the condition is not resolved by the above, a doctor should be consulted.

There is also heel pain caused by the back of the foot protruding abnormally and bumping into the shoe. TULI'S Heel Cups or Cheetahs often relieve this condition by repositioning the heel in it's seating to the back of the shoe.

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