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We are distributors of Prostretch The Intelligent Stretching System
We also distribute Tulis The world's best selling shock absorbers for your feet

About TULI'S

TULI'S Shock Absorbers for Feet have been moulded with an exclusive soft waffle design that closely resembles natural heel fat padding which cushions your feet from the effects of heel strike (Wallace E Miller, MD "The Heel Pad", The American Journal of Sports Medicine, Vol 10 No 1 1982).

TULI'S often dramatically relieve sore heels, tired, burning feet, arch, ankle, knee and even some hip and back pain. TULI'S also reduce fatigue, thereby improving performance at work or play.


We are all subject to living in an unnatural environment. Our feet, in addition to bearing the weight of our bodies, are subjected to the hard surfaces of our modern society. We spend more time on hard, paved surfaces than we do on grass and earth, thereby compounding the effects of heel strike in our everyday life. Whether we work, play, hike, jog - any time we rely on our feet to get us there or carry us through, our feet are subjected to heel strike. Heel strike produces the highest degree of shock delivered to the foot when walking or running when the whole body weight is transmitted to approximately one square inch of heel surface. The impact to the heel is 3 times body weight when walking, and 4 times body weight when running. A general cross section of the public who have tried TULI'S firmly believe that TULI'S relieve the trauma thereby making their work or play more comfortable and enjoyable.


TULI'S have been patient-tested on children involved in football, gymnastics, tennis and athletics amongst other sports. The results have been so successful that many of these children never wear shoes without TULI'S in them. Active children may experience trauma to a growth centre located in the heel bone and suffer from a painful condition called apophysitis, causing pain in their heels which interferes with sports or normal walking or running. Before TULI'S were invented, these children were given various types of padding and sponge materials. Most doctors agreed that these materials failed because of their compressibility and ineffective rebound. TULI'S have been proven successful in eliminating pain and allowing these active youngsters to continue their activities.


Athletes are aware of the impact heel strike has on feet, legs and back. They are constantly searching for footwear that reduces the incidence of heel fasciitis (heel pain), chondromalacia (knee pain), shin splints, heel neuroma (medial calcaneal nerve injury), heel spurs, and sacro-lumbar pain (back pain). Athletes know that reduced shock means improved performance, endurance, and reduced fatigue. Most sports shoes have exterior sole shock absorbing configurations, but they also usually have a hard inner sole next to the heel which transmits shock rather than absorbing it.

TULI'S Heel Cups, Energy Tracks, Cheetahs and RoadRunners absorb the shock of heel strike and reduce this force dramatically. TULI'S are an invaluable asset to athletes comfort and performance. Studies show that the optimum running surface gives a competitor at least a 3% improvement factor in 93% of participants (Thomas A McMahon & Peter R Greene, "Fast Running Tracks" Scientific American, December 1978).

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